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What Is It

Adsense is an advertising programme set up and run by Google. It is based on a concept called ad serving, which is a technology that not only places advertisements on websites, but services them as well.

An ad serving company, such as Google and Yahoo, provide software to websites and advertisers to administer the ads and choose those ads that are most likely to make the website owner or advertiser the maximum amount of money.

Therefore, if the content of a website is specifically related to golf, for example, then the ads that will be placed on that website by Google will be solely based upon golfing themes. In this way, the ads are targeted to those visitors with an interest in golf.

How Does It Work

The following outlines the steps involved to secure the full benefits of what Adsense has to offer:

In order to acquire an Adsense account from Google, the quickest and easiest method is to set up a Google Blogger account from

To produce a Blogger Blog, simply choose a subject that you know a little about, and write a short, interesting article of about 300 words
Now publish the article from your Blogger site – this is called the first “post”

If possible, add another one or two posts to your original Blog and publish these – this will give more weight when the reviewers at Google assess your Blog

If it is interesting, well written and spell-checked, there is a good chance of it being accepted

Once accepted, the Adsense code is used to generate attractive, relevant ads on your Blog – follow the instructions on how to present the ads

Now, just sit back and wait

In time, a visitor to your Blog may click on one or more of your Google ads and so generate an income – the more clicks, the greater the income

For best results, the more posts that are added to the Blog and the more Blogs that are written, the greater the rewards – there is no limit to how much can be earned

Adsense can also be used in conjunction with a website

Adsense – How To Succeed

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